Rabu, 20 Mei 2009

Take a deep breath

On the other shore of saddness,
it is said that there is a smile
finally we arrived, but what are we waiting for?
the purpose is not to run away
it's to chase after dreams
we should have gone out to travel
on that summer day so long ago
even tomorrow, if you see it
though there isn't a sigh either
like a ship going against the current flow
right now, go forward, move a head
even if it cuts through the rain and cloud,
the wet roads shire
only the dark will teach
a stronger and stronger light

-one litre of tears-

2 komentar:

Neng Ucrit mengatakan...

rajin bener mie :P
gw juga nyari sih sebenernya

Aianamie mengatakan...

@ neng ucrit : yoi yoi... keren kan kata2nya. ampe w pause din biar ga ada yg miss. :p