Selasa, 16 Desember 2008

Is it Cos I'm Cool ??

Two weeks passed, in a very critical period of fun. Full of sacrifice and a tear roll down on my face manytimes *halah... seems like playin in a Sinetron that much strange situation and i was stuck in there, full of bad news, bad situation. wanna cry, but dont know why, complicated too! i think.
wanna scream, but dont know where i can do, many that happened recently and it happened quickly for me till i almost breathless away..

Feel blue, feel bloody hell stupid, why i cant do it by myself?
w.h.y ??

how hard i try but it doesn't mean anything,
where...where.. i can put it down from my mind??

They said that i...bla...bla...bla, but they dont know me!!

they dont know me who i am!!

Enough for this silly games, and i really knew what must i do to make it be better, and make me be a winner...of course.

Here we go...

Is it 'cos I'm cool?
Why you dress like me is it honesty or you just a fool
Is it 'cos I'm cool?
Why the school kids laugh cause the papers got it wrong again
Is it 'cos I'm cool?
Take a piece of me serve me up on a plate in your restaurant

Is it 'cos I'm cool?
Is it 'cos I'm cool?

Is it 'cos I'm fly
'Cos I said what I said when I said what I said but I didn't say
Is it 'cos I'm hip
Why you dig my shit and you say I am a fan now I understand
Is it 'cos I'm hot
Why you mention me in your V.I.P memories

Is it 'cos I'm cool?
Is it 'cos I'm cool?

I ain't buying or selling today
I'm just looking around
For some decent conversation
No hidden agenda
No phony pretender
No holding on out for my sweet sixteen
Or peppermint dream
I'll call you please don't call me

Is it 'cos I'm cool?
Is it 'cos I'm cool?

Is it 'cos I'm Smart
Why you break my heart with the lies you tell baby kiss and tell
Is it 'cos I'm wrong
That you jump right in with no discipline baby sink or swim
Is it 'cos we're friends
Why you use my name just to entertain eh-yeah

Is it 'cos I'm cool?
Is it 'cos I'm cool?

Time keeps ticking and running away
And It's taking us fast to a brand new free dimension
Too cool to mention well that's the intention
But some of us too damn blind to see
It's setting us free
Say goodbye to jealousy

Is it 'cos I'm cool?
No one really cooler
Is it 'cos I'm cool?
Take a piece of me
Is it 'cos I'm cool?
Why you mention me
Is it 'cos I'm cool?
In your VIP
Is it 'cos I'm cool?
Is it 'cos I'm cool?

by : Mousse T.

4 komentar:

Anonim mengatakan...

nopo to mi...
walopun orang bilang "gw ngerti posisi lw" ato "w ngerti ap yg lw rasain" pasti tu bo'ong,walopun ga semua bo'ong,cz sblum tu orang yg ngomong ngerasain sndiri kejadian yg sdang lw alami skrg,mreka ga ngerti n ga paham
tapi satu,mreka care,n ga mo ninggalin lw sndiri,mreka sayang ma lw

Aianamie mengatakan...

[Anonim] yuph...ada saat dimana cuma kita pemainnya, terjebak dalam keadaan yang super rumit, tanpa tau apa yang harus dilakukan. masalah boong atau g boong, seterah dah...yang penting selamet aje...wkwkwwk bdw pernah mengalami yg sama yah gan? :D

Aianamie mengatakan...

huehehhe idup mang ga bisa ditebak yah, kita cuma bisa berharap tapi tetep ja 4w1 yang menentukan. jadi inget tragedi jumat kemaren. siangna happy happy na...but beberapa detik berikutnya banjir airmata...hufff...

yan paristama mengatakan...

hei……semua …ikutan gabung yuuuk di komunitas bincang profesi..kalian bisa bertukar informasi atau menanyakan kepada para pakar dari berbagai profesi…

ditunggu yagh